Please join me in praying for this wonderful ministry in Pakistan. Sohail Sadiq and I have been communicating on LinkedIn. He great desires . . . and needs . . . our prayers. This post is much longer than most but I do hope you will take the time to read it through. I believe your heart will be touched.

Dear sister I’m really grateful for your prayers and love. Sister God is using me as Revival for youth fellowship in Pakistan for persecuted Christians and specially for widows and youth to save their future from poverty and illiteracy. I’m attaching the file for the description I hope you’ll understand and will share it with your colleagues and friends for more prayers. this is my deep request, if God show way and provide some resources for any of the Aims, it would be blessing for me and my nation. It would be a blessing for me to be shared for the work of God as you know the situations of Pakistan, I’m not shamed or afraid God is giving me strength, He is using me in Thailand as well for Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, with the help of different churches in Bangkok, so its really a blessing for me if you use my name to serve Lord or the name of organization(Revival for youth fellowship) . . . . I believe “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” God bless you and your vision.

Revival for youth fellowship

Aim and Objective

  • To provide sources to arrange the spiritual seminars, Christmas programs
  • Unite the Churches, prayer encouragement and distribute food for widows and deserving families.
  • To provide help to the people who are affected by persecution and lift up voice for them with the support of different organizations .
  • To establish the educational institution for the children who are under privileged and fortunate families and desire to get education but are handicapped due to lack of resources. (Don’t have great resources. God has given some resources to serve for twenty Children only)
  • Spread encouragement in youth to come up with scholarships , educational for a bright future.

NOTE: due to lack of resources this aim is still pending to be fulfilled.

  • Encouragement to bring up their talents.

NOTE: hope to have resources for singing competitions or to worship Lord, as so many of Christian youth is blessed with soulful and beautiful voices. Aim to award them with the worship albums.

  • Youth is getting attracted toward addictions of drugs etc due to lack of activities like sports


Prayer Request for Christian Children in Pakistan who are facing discrimination.

October 24, 2018. A 11 year old boy, student of a Government school got abused by teachers and Principal. It’s been a week everyday when he goes to school to study teachers beat him and tell him to stay out of the school. This is the appeal from his mother, that where can she find the perfect place for her children to get proper education. Another act happens when one day this boy touched the water cooler and teacher rebuked him that you Christians are illiterate and lower class, you will always stay like that you don’t have any right to get education. My request is to raise voice to finish this spread of a huge scale discouragement among Pakistani christian nation these small inequality on daily bases makes our generation deprived so please keep Pakistani Christians in your prayers so that they may get the rights they deserve and their future may get protected. If you or any organization would like to support any Pakistani Christian children or teenagers through scholarships then please do contact us. God bless you! Sohail Sadiq President Revival For Youth Fellowship Pakistan E-mail:


November 19, 2018. Please pray for pakistani christian . Due to case Asia Bibi . She has been set free by supreme court of pakistan. But now extremists want to attact on christian inhabitant of pakistan in revenge. Whole pakistani are in miserable danger. May God bring peace in Pakistan. May peace prevail in pakistan.  Pakistani Christian are under attack. This photo is record truth for high alert: Bibi

November 27, 2018 Prayer Request for Christian in Pakistan Lahore Sabzabazar shah Fareed debar. Muslim boys attacked on Christian Beauty Parlor. Christian girls were abused and their clothes were torn. They abused the girls that illiterate Christians people have no right to open up a parlor. The brother of the girls was also beaten and they threat the girls to kidnap them and shoot them. Please keep in prayers that may God soften the hearts of the people who are doing unjust. And pray for the safety of our Christian girls. God bless you.


December 7, 2018
Please keep in prayer that there would be no disturbance for Pakistani Christians while Celebrating Christmas. I want to inform you about the Christmas program .Revival For Youth Fellowship, planed for a united Christmas celebration with Church prayer partners. But due to lack of budget , team decided to celebrate the program separately in different prayer partner churches.

1. One of program is in Thailand, Bangkok on 15th,Dec with the Persecuted Christian asylum Seekers.

2. In the Village in district Kasur,with Word of God Ministry, on 17th, Dec.

3. In District Lahore , youhanadab, with GPC church on 21st , Dec

4. The last will be in District Lahore,Soudiwall with All Nation Bible Church on 23rd, Dec.

Please remember these days in your prayers Sister r Again Thanks to you and your team for the contribution of prayers for these programs. God bless you