Bibles Needed in Malawi

I just received this update from Pastor Yakobe. Please join me in praying for this need to be met. You may read more about this ministry here.
As I continue going around teaching church leaders in various churches, I have seen that many church leaders especially in rural areas have no Bibles and some have with missing pages. Due to their low income (just a dollar or less than dollar per day) it is difficult for them to buy the said Bibles. In some congregations only two or three people have Bibles. To buy a Bible in our local language here in Malawi it is $8 USD. Please pray . . . for these church leaders to get Bibles.
After receiving the training, the church leaders are ready to teach their congregations and also go out and spread the Gospel. Be part of this discipleship and evangelism team by [praying for provision] of the needed Bibles. . . . May God bless you as you pray and think about how you can help to spread the Gospel in Malawi.

Pastor Leonard P. Yakobe


Some of the church leaders (Pastors, elders, deacons and deaconesses) from various congregations after a refresher course

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