I recently connected with Leonard Peter Yakobe on LinkedIn and he explained his ministry deals not only with false teaching from various churches, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Muslims . . . but also with the lack of Bible commentaries in their local language (Chichewa) to help the people more accurately understand the Bible.
Please join me in praying for this dedicated pastor and his family and ministry. He has been pastor of Evangelical Baptist Church for more than 24 years and also has been the project manager of Emmanuel International Malawi, a leadership training program, for more than 20 years.
Pastor Yakobe shared this:
Considering that in Malawi we have various false teachings from various churches, Jehova’s witnesses and moslems my role in the last 20 years has been going around and conduct refresher courses with church leaders, teaching them on how they can protect the church from false teachings. [In this photo] are church leaders both men and women after the leadership training (refresher courses).
Since most of the church leaders in Malawi do not speak English it pains me to see that they do not benefit from Bible commentaries which are in our libraries across the country since they are all written in English. Upon seeing this, I have established the Project 66 in which I have started writing Bible commentaries in our local language Chichewa starting from the New Testament. Initially, I wanted to translate already existing commentaries but changed my minds and start writing my commentaries with an African context. . . .
Please pray for the needed finances which can be used to go around and provide the needed training to church leaders. 
The following was taken from an email Pastor Yakobe sent out to some friends regarding his translation project:
I write to let you know that after praying for sometime and with input from various friends, I have now started writing my own Bible commentaries in Chichewa with an African context. The process and the budget have not changed. . . .
I have started with the Gospel of Matthew and will continue up to the Book of Revelation. Before the Gospel of Matthew and after general introduction, there is a word-list of important names and meanings of important words in the Bible.
I recognize that content needs to be reviewed as well as grammatical accuracy, so I would need someone to look at content and someone to proofread grammar. I have a team of individuals that will be a part of the process of reviewing my writings. There is a person who is trained in Greek and another who is trained in Hebrew. There are several people with academic theological degrees who would also be part of the team, people with deep understanding of God’s Word. As well, I have included a Chichewa grammar expert. These people together will be reviewing what is written. This team is a part of the on-going process through out.
. . . I always appreciate your prayers, please continue to pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.