Pray for These Ministries in Uganda


Richard Musana

Please join me in praying for Tuweereza Eden Ministries in Uganda and for the Nakalongo Christian School. I recently connected with Richard Musana on LinkedIn and he wrote this:

Thank you for accepting to connect with me through LinkedIn mail.  It is always good when brethren connect with each other in Ministry. It is indeed an absolute delight to have you as my friend a fellow servant in His Kingdom community work for the most vulnerable. I’m delighted about the kingdom work you are doing and thank you for upholding the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Richard Musana, the Co-Founder, and Executive Director of Tuweereza Eden Ministries here in Uganda, Africa. My passion is about seeing people coming to know the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, seeing them developed spiritually, and economically by working with the poor communities’ to bring transformation. The Biblical meaning of my name “Musana” means Sunshine in the local dialect African languages spoken in Uganda. The interpretation is that I live up of “Sunshine” by bringing the light of the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to the people and shining to bring social-economic transformation in the communities. I was named Musana by my mother because of God’s will when I was delivered from her mother’s uterus during day time, and the sun was shining with blessings. The Holy Scripture is my code of conduct. Faith, prayer and the Word of action are my weapons of warfare.

Well, I need to let you know that we are building a Child Minding Christian school in a very poor community of Nakalongo, Uganda- East Africa.  We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and a crucial component to our mission. The Nakalongo Christian School is the only chance for the children to provide a basic primary education in that community comprising of 180 families. We empower the children to reach their God-given potential by creating opportunities for transformation development; Spirit, Mind and Body. Through our programs, Children receive food, education, medical Aid, and hope in Jesus Christ. Children have the opportunity to learn about God, His purpose for their life, and hope for the future. We are helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the children living in poverty.

Learn more about the school on their website. Please pray for the ministry to be able to accomplish all God is calling them to do. And please pray for financial provision, especially for the following needs:

Construction Fund – (classrooms, library, teachers’ houses, etc.) 

Education Fund – (textbooks, stationery, desks, chairs, etc.) 

Student Fund – (contribution to student’s fees and uniforms) 

Teacher’s Fund – (support teachers’ salaries and welfare)

Classroom block under construction and some of the children.

One thought on “Pray for These Ministries in Uganda

  1. Jamshed Jiskani says:

    My name is Jamshed Ali and I am from Sindh the beautiful state of Pakistan. Indeed, here in Sindh Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims live together and passing their lives peacefully but the poverty,inflation,corruption,embezzlement, at the peak. People are forced to become drug addictive. In fact, business graduates are living in exile, depression, doing suicides due to unemployment. Emphatically, here prayers are also not working like God has forgotten us and cruel leaders kept innocent people under their feet. But I would pray for people here, there, any where in the world. Please God please do some blessings we are really weak,mortal creature.


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