Please join me in continuing to pray for this ministry network in West Bengal. They are facing such challenges. You may read a previous post about the ministry here. I have received the following update on the ministry. Praise God for all He is doing!

Transform East Alliance
Half Yearly Report 2018

TEA networks ministries to train and resource for Disciple-making and sustainable community development among Bengali speaking unreached people groups of East India.

West Bengal
We have been working in West Bengal since June 2011. We have seen work spread across WB. In some districts Maldah have multiplied up to 5th generations and in many districts 2nd and 3rd generations. We are seeing birth of movements among unreached. Yet, we realized that there are peoples and places least reached. And there are many other locally led ministries who needs training and resources. So, this year we have launched a training program to train 100 Trainers in, 5 groups in 5 regions, who will train over 400 catalysts in their regions. They focus on discipling people and places in their areas who are difficult, or neglected, or least reached.

Key Impacts observed
1. Despite persecution in some areas, leaders and believers are not afraid. They are going into new areas planting House Churches. It is observed that community at large are not against believers. Persecution is from organized group.

2. Persecution issues are helping leaders to unite themselves. In recent incident in WB, it was clearly observed that leaders of different organizations and churches worked together for many weeks to deal with legal issues, raised local finance and in many other ways they have shown solidarity.

3. Approach of disciple making is very transformational. Leaders are not just focusing on spiritual but also on socio-economic condition of people. This has increased the influence of local in the communities having strong witness. Wherever local is involved in social area, there is no persecution and there is growth.

4. Leaders are going into areas where going is very difficult. For example, Maniklal Sarkar and team has gone to dense forest area where Naxalites are very active. They are discipling Bengali unreached people who have not been engaged before.

Needs Felt
1. It is important to do intensive training to train leaders of every House Church as this is crucial for sustenance and multiplication.

2. Additionally, biblical training at House Church level is crucial.

3. Developing local networks, within the easy reach of leaders is important to deal with issues like persecution.

4. Training on how to face persecution is also very much needed. We have done one training this month with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom. Many such training is needed.

5. Signs and wonders are common and this helps in ministry. But many leaders just focus on miracles and not on making disciples. It is important to focus on this issue, which will significantly increase number of

Trainers Multiplication Project 2018-2019
We have launched a training project beginning Under this project, who are training 100 Trainers, who will train 400 Catalysts. Our goal is to see 1000 first generation House Church to be started through this project. We are using Integrated Disciple Making curriculum.

Impacts Summarized
➢ Local Networks being developed:17
➢ CP Organizations being trained: 200+
➢ Languages engaged: 33
➢ Regions: 7
➢ People Groups being reached: 130+
(Hindu, Muslims, Sikh, Buddhists, Tribal)

New Initiative: We are initiating a Community Transformation Network focused on East and North India. Its first consultation is on August 20-21, 2018, in Kolkata.

We are thankful to all of you for your prayers and encouragements

Reported by:

Paresh Chandra Halder