2018-7-2_1Please join me in praying for Pastor Musinguzi Samuel Baker and Breath of Life Ministries in Kisumu, Kenya.

Vision: “A transformed generation in Christ”

Mission: “Breath of Life Church Kisumu exists to partner with other churches and like minded Christian organizations to transform people from their spiritual, social, physical,
emotional and financial challenges so as to live according to God’s plan.”

Specific objectives:

  • “To advocate for the human rights and improvement on the spiritual, Physical, social and economic status of the orphans, vulnerable children, youth and the
    disabled in society.”
  • “To increase knowledge and understanding regarding HIV/AIDS, STDs and reproductive health thus prevent further spread of the same.”
  • “To promote and support sustainable formal and informal education, vocational and life skills development for the OVCs [orphans and vulnerable children], PWDs [people with disabilities] and other disadvantaged groups in the society.”
  • “Undertake advocacy work in order to fight against conditions that pose a threat to the social and economic well being of individuals which include but are not limited to hunger, corruption, armed conflict, natural disasters, environmental degradation, pollution, disease and moral decadence.”

Prayer Requests:

  • Friends to stand with them in ministry and serve with them
  • Financial breakthrough
  • Anointing

Prayer Requests Added 7/5/18

  • To have God fearing generation
  • It’s also our prayer to bring awareness about sexual and transmitted diseases
  • It’s our prayer God to use our organisation to rescue those in captivity
  • It’s our prayer to extend Gods love to all African countries
  • It’s also our to restore hope to hopeless people
  • It’s also our prayer to be God fearing based organisation
  • It’s also our prayer of nurturing talents of the children in Africa.