Please join me in praying for Pastor Dildar Pervez and his ministry in Pakistan. Praise God for all this courageous group of brothers and sisters in Christ are doing. They need our prayer support!

Dear Karen Greetings,

2018-6-19_1Thanks for your message this is our Ministries details what we are doing in Pakistan. For the last 9 years, Saint Luke Ministries Pakistan has been serving the Lord through: Faith Television Network, Projector Ministry, Outreach Missions, Education for the children of Kiln Workers, Family Group Missions, Free Bibles & DVDs Distribution, Helping Orphans and Church Planting.

We have been blessed to establish a new church and God is blessing the people abundantly. We also providing the service of books translation and programs translating & Voice Over in English to Urdu We are spreading Hope, Faith and Love among the poor Christian community who are victims of Hatred, Violence and Extremism. Their faith is tested every day that’s why they need to be strengthened to help them in their survival as a believer.

You know, that God has predestined us for His purpose before the foundation of world and as in the days of Elijah, God had kept 7000 for Him similarly, He Has kept million for Him in the End of Days as well. We invite all of them to become our partners in glorifying the Lord in Pakistan. We need your prayers and support to carry on and expand our broadcast and all the other projects. Know that whatever, you do for the Lord will be poured back in your life and ministries in a well shaken and well pressed measure, Amen.

Blessings, Pastor Dildar Pervez,

You may read more about the ministry on their website: I asked Brother Pervez to send me some specific prayer requests:

We have been working for the Lord for the last nine years, we believe that this far God Has brought us through the continued prayers of the faithful warriors; and now the prayers will take us beyond our needs.

                   We desperately need your prayers to:

1.     Buy Musical Instruments, Sound System, Air Conditioner, and Generator for our newly founded church.

2.     Purchase, uniforms, books, shoes and furniture to upgrade our church and school for the children of Kiln worker.

3.     Purchase Bibles, Audio Bibles, New Projectors, one Van and two motor cycles for our teams of Projector Mission, Outreach Mission and Family & Cell Group Missions.

4.     Upgrade the studio of our Faith Television Network with digital equipment.

By the grace of God Saint Luke Ministries Pakistan is doing whatever is possible  in our limited resources but we need to cover larger area to win more soul for the Lord, due to which we need your prayers. Please keep praying for us.

Thanks and God bless you abundantly Amen.

Pastor Dildar Pervez