ministry.2Pastor Davis Juma, whose ministry is in Kenya, has sent a number of prayer requests and updates over a period of time. Please read his most recent post here to refresh your memory. I received this marvelous report from Pastor Juma today:

Our beloved family In USA,

Greetings in Jesus name!
The last batch of the evangelism team finally arrived home today. What a joy as they have come back with sheaves of souls! Your prayers really shook the ground. It said of Martin Luther, that Heaven shook him and he shook the world. Through your prayers heaven shook this team and it later shook the islands. It is amazing how God did it. Prior to our missionary journey there many evangelists had avoided the places for fear of rejection and even persecution because of the grave evils there. When I did a survey I also found out that the area resembled the biblical Corinth. But as they say, if God says ”Go” you must obey. I did not melt the hearts of my team by telling them negative information about the evils on the islands. Ooh God is really good. When my team and I went there and Satan learned that we were determined to salvage the islands from its grip, he came up with schemes to either delay of make us disoriented and give up on the work. He first began by stirring the hearts of the Ugandan police who arrested a few members of my team because they had no preaching licenses but they were later released upon the intervention of the fishermen on the island of Sikulu. Then when they were returning from the police cells which was across the lake, their boat almost capsized but no one died. As if that is not enough my house was brought down by raging flood water. When i came to see what had happened an astray dog bit my child….all this did not stop God from carrying on His work through us. And id does not go with notice dedicated watchmen were keeping vigilant on the wall-Strong prayer warriors. Oh yes.
When William Carey was going to India as the first missionary he asked the believers in England to hold a rope for him in prayer. And when the believers  prayed for him daily, God did not disappoint. And Just like William Carey, when my team and I were about to go the islands of Sikulu and Mageta, I asked for prayers from you and your prayers were granted. Today I see two new churches though they have no strong leaders( Soon I will organize a trip back for leaders training and follow ups), but souls have been saved. I praise God for you. I thank God for you. May our Good Lord who commanded us to go and make nations bless you, keep you safe, give you long life, give you good health and your family and prosper you. I today invoke His holy name of healing, protection, righteousness, provision, sustenance and love and mercy upon you and your family and the generations to come. In Jesus name!
Yours In God’s Service
Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma
-Fishing the lost and feeding the found.
Please continue to pray for this amazing ministry and all involved. Also, please pray for Pastor Juma and his family. I inquired about his son. Pastor Juma’s response: “My son needs some money for surgery on the hip where the dog bit him.” Please pray for this need as well.