I have recently heard from Adrian Koiba, a brother in Guinea, West Africa. Please join me in praying for him and his ministry. Here is what he wrote:
Greeting in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ our King. I wanted to talk a little about my ministry.
Adrian Koiba

The name of my ministry is Christ in Action Foundation. We are based in the city of N’zerekore, republic of Guinea in western Africa. Our vision is to spread win Muslims for Jesus Christ, plan churches and assist orphans and widows in needs.

Here are my prayer requests:
1- pray for God to open Muslims eyes and mind to know Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.
2- pray for God provisions the enable us assist orphans and widows in our country (Guinea).
3 – pray to have missionary that may engage to work with our ministry.
4 – presently we have found a very good land 5 Hectors for building our mission but there is no funds to buy the land. Therefore, please pray with us for God provisions to buy quickly before someone else take.
Thank you for remembering my ministry in your prayer.
In Christian love,
Adrien Koiba