Weekly Update from Bungoma, Kenya

God continues to move! Please join me in on-going prayer for Brother Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship Ministries in Bungoma, Kenya, East Africa. And together let us praise God for all He is doing there! Please take time to read through those exciting reports! Here is Brother Bushebi’s update.

Praise Reports

Dear Family,

Tremendous Blessings and Love of the Lord to you forever in Jesus Christ name!

The prolonged praises in Singing brought the presence of the Lord that caused a stir amongst many who got filled and a few Baptized. The one Worship song made it so deep driving many into Prayer, Wailing, Crying and others being overwhelmed. The sermon took very short time left as the service ended at 2pm. We bless the Lord for the time given for testimonies from the Prayer with Fasting we had as from May 16th to 19th 2018.

PRAISE TESTIMONIES: Salvation, Miracles, Deliverance and Healing etc.
– 3 more Muslims gave their lives to Christ at Bukembe GBF Church after they received revelations by the Lord Jesus Himself through dreams.
– 2 Ladies, Betty and Lois got healed from Stomach pains and a Tumor that she had for 8 years now.
– 7 men and women got delivered from different bondage of harlotry, addiction and familiar spirits.
– A Family in Mjini estate called on our Evangelists into their home after they realized demonic manifestations with audible sounds and voices happening in their house; a Watch-over night with prayers, praise songs and worship were made and the housed delivered by morning.
– After several miscarriage, Sister Joan is happy to have her Baby Liz, thanking God for His mercy and remembrance.
– The Lord restored Sister Joyce’s Family after wild hatred, rejection and witchcraft claims that divided the family for many years. She testified of the hand of God for a miraculous repentance amongst the family members.
– It is 2 years now since Sister Mercy’s Epilepsy showed up in Convulsions; we bless His holy name for His protection and healing over her life now with two Babies.
God has done a lot, ALL GLORY UNTO THE FATHER ALONE!!!!

Testimonies continue to flock in as the Lord continues to reach out performing Miracles and Wonders, Healing and Restoration with Deliverance. We glorify our Lord for the gracious opportunity He gives us in seeking His face, standing in gap with intercession and waging spiritual warfare against the enemy and his networks. Prayer is key to God’s working!!!

Prayer Requests

A Request from Naivasha Church to purchase a piece of Land to put up a structure for a place of Worship. Please, pray with this Church for God’s supply. Proverbs 16:3 Commit thy works unto Jehovah, And thy purposes shall be established.

More than 22 GBF churches have been affected by floods in this region especially in Busia, Bungoma, Ukambani, Coastal Counties. They need repairs after the flood season. The situation seems to getting worse as the Meteorological department warns of more flooding in Western, Rift Valley, central and Southern Kenya. Please, continue to pray for us!!!
FLOODS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ayh-Tzh3Nss

1. Bibles, Literature for new Souls and students 2. Orphans and Widows 3. Bikes for Pastors/Evangelists 4. Bible School Class structures 5. Sound System for Evangelism 6. Church Planting Resources 7. Water and Medical Needs 8. Education Needs

Brother Bushebi and Ministry Family.
CODE: 50200

Email: bushebi@africaonline.co.ke or gbfministries@yahoo.com
Skype gbfministries

Deuteronomy 28:9 The Lord will establish you as his holy people, as he promised you on oath, if you keep the commands of the Lord your God and walk in obedience to him.

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