2018-5-9_5Please join me in praying for Sudarsanam Samuel and his wife Shara Rani and their ministry in remote tribal regions of AP, India. I hope you will take a few minutes to visit their website and to read Pastor Samuel’s message below. I believe your heart will be touched. (And see more pictures below!)

It is my pleasure to express to you about us and what the Lord is doing in our midst. God is so good to us and I am Pastor for Good Shepherd Worship Centre and I have  wife name is SHARA RANI  i do have three children daughter Shirley Rachel 11. Son Silas Gabriel. 10 and another son Sam Alex 4. Well i hope you know about this information earlier, God has placed me in the ministry in which I can bring Glory to His name. Well I finished my Theological studies of Masters of Divinity. God has called me and specifically  showed me the kind of ministry that I suppose to do while I was doing my final year studies.

Calling : God has called me at the age of 19teen, especially with this call to plant church and spread the Gospel where Christ was not known. So I know for sure that He is leading me towards it. I am working in the tribal region in the deepest forest jungles, where people are not aware of the things of the world. They are not Well civilised and their language and the way of dressing is very different than others.. It is not like other people who does the ministry in the towns and cities where the comfortable life is available. But, God has showed me Terrible villages tribal places of mountain areas, because they never even heard  the Gospel even once in their life. Through God’s Call and the vision that He gave me, I have dedicated to reach the un reached villages with group of poorer Pastors help.  Well God has blessed us with good Evangelistic team. So we are serving and establishing Truth and extending the kingdom of God in the Land of India in primitive villages.

Sir I have noticed about you that you are well experienced and having good age like my father. Thanking God for you.

Ministry: We have started ministry called GOOD SHEPHERD COMPASSION MINISTRIES in 2003 it is  the non profit, Religious, Educational and social oriented Organisation and we are doing Evangelistic Church planting Ministry in the remote and rural Tribal region. We are mostly like to do social work by helping the destitute in Tribal areas of India., because people in the tribal region are coming to the Lord and understanding the love of Jesus through our Bread.  Good Shepherd Compassion Ministries is a multi-faceted ministry that reaches out to our communities with the love of God both spiritually and physically. We reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through, We bring God’s Compassionate love to people in dire need relief in times of flood, fire; medical healing through our medical camps, proving food to leprosy, clean water and sanitation through our village development programs. There are 55 Orphan Children in our care that we are taking care of them and all these children were brought from the Tribal region. Before they come to my care, I have seen these children, spoil their lives without education and they have no food to eat, so I brought them and taking care of them by faith and God has given this ministry in 2003, children ministry was progressive till 2014 because of the Support we had in the Past. You know that these ministry activities were done with the help of Champions House foundation in the past But not we were left alone because the Founder of CHF wife has ALS disease and he said they are not actively raising Funds to support, because of his busyness and recently his wife was died and after that they became discouraged and totally stopped raising Funds.

HOUSE OF COMPASSION (Children Home): There are 53 poorer and orphans with us, we don’t have permanent shelter or Home for the Children. we are taking care of these children by placing them in our Old damaged Church and small tiny House. So recently our government brought rule to all the children home workers and christian and non christian organisations that we have to registrar our Orphanage to the government records, so in order to register with Child welfare in Government. We should have certain requirements to run the home such as we all should have proper accommodation, with bed, nice rooms, study room, kitchen, dinning and enough toilets. But sadly we don’t have all these facilities, since we did not construct Home for the children. Well we have purchased Land to build children home. There is one acre Land available that we have set a part for the ministry activities like  to start School for our Orphans and for the local poorer children. But due to lack support for building Orphanage, we could not build. so now Orphan children need these facilities. So unless we don’t show these facilities Government will not allow us to take care of the children. As I mentioned above about School, We don’t have christian School in our region, So our children not given solid education in the government Telugu medium school. My wife studied Bachelor of Science and B.Ed Bachelor of Education. through her education qualification we can bring permission from government to start school. So if the facilities like school and Orphan home build, we can provide English medium school. Most of the Hindu people like to join in English medium schools as we don’t have such schools in our region, so through this christian school we can win lots of Hindu children and parents for the Lord Jesus at the same time we can give solid Education. We are praying that our Lord would help us to accomplish it. We can provide Christian Education to the children as well.

Well I am submitting my heart and burden to you because I infect you have inspired me and your words brought hope to me for future ministry. And i thought we were left along but God is faithful and He has raised you up and again proving me that He did not forsaken us and showing me the way where I can find resources for the ministry. Well faith is most important. We are doing all the activities and living in our region by faith. We have done great work in the past with CHF support but we are no more doing such ministry  due to lack of finance. So it is my heart cry that our lord to open a door for our ministry to restart the ministry that we have done, it may not be all the activities but at least some basic things to further the Kingdom of God. Especially to build Home for ORPHANS and School. Well I am writing this email with great burden because I felt to share with you. i pray that you will not offend or feel bad about of what I am mentioning. Mostly I am not asking you Money but sharing my heart and Ministry as the Spirit of God inspired me to do it.

Vision: I have great vision for unreached thousands to be saved for the lord Jesus Christ. We reach people winning them for the lord Jesus Christ. There are lots of tribal villages where people are suffering without drinking water. I know they are bringing water from unclean ponds and holes and pits. So by drinking such polluted water they become sick and their children are being born as Cleft Palate babies.

Gospel Crusades: We also conduct Gospel Crusades every year, We advertise through Notices and Bullhorn and new people would participate to hear the Gospel,  We have started the Crusades ministry in 2003 there were only 300 people attended as we keep doing this ministry we conducted in 2015 we have seen 3000 people showed up. So our ministry is growing so rapidly and widely. As as we are serving the Lord, and reaching needy people we need your love and Prayers.  usually we conduct 3 nights. We are looking for Godly anointed Preachers to come and Participate and Revive our nation, if you would bring any Team for short time we can have Pastors Conference and speak in Crusades. usually we do this ministry Every year during the month of April but due to lack of support since 2016 onwards we stopped conducting Crusades. It costs $5000 for 3 days Crusades. We invite all of our region people to come and be part of it and through these crusades we have seen hundreds of people accept the Lord Jesus and take baptism. We would like to Conduct This year if God provides.

we lost all the support and now our ministry activities are remain stagnant and if God help us we would like to proceed and looking for God to open doors for the ministry to get  started to  continue the ministry through you.

Praise I have obtained visa to visit United States. if you feel that my presence is required for further promotion, i would like to come and company with you, if I come I would like to request you to please have me in your mentorship, I would like to serve the Lord and speak about India and our culture and visit few churches and groups and any sort of the opportunities that comes to me through you. So if you can help in this regard it would be great help. I know that you never met me and it is hard for you to accept stranger yet you can trust me as I am MAN OF FAITH too and we can do some video conferences. We need your love and favourable consideration.

Well  my  wife Shara and I am requesting from the bottom of my heart, as you are elder woman of God, serving people, we are requesting you, does it possible to extend your ministry to India to our region?, if so it would be great blessing to feed children and we can reach unreached areas with Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please remember me as your beloved brother in Christ. Kindly advise me and suggest me and I will be loyal to hear from you. I look forward to hearing for your favourable response and consideration. we are praying for you.

Sudarsanam Samuel Chatla
Good Shepherd Compassion Ministries
Gandepalli- 533 297
East Godavari District
AP. India Ph 80744 26471