lightstock_62135_xsmall_user_6214500I received an update from Pastor Juma (in Kenya) this week. You may read the previous post about him and his ministry here. Let’s join him in praising God for the many souls coming to Christ and pray God’s anointing and protection and provision for him and his ministry as they continue to minister on these islands.

Praise be to God!
I am writing this  message to update you on what is happening here on the island of Mageta and Sikulu in Lake Victoria . First I would to inform you that it is hard hard to get network and even the electricity.  But God is performing miracles here. Many souls are coming to Christ in large numbers to my surprise. These two islands, Mageta and Sikulu are well known for wrong things-”Corinthianizing”, drugs, alcohol, robbery, child abuse etc but our God is a great God. He has prepared the hearts for his word. I hope to be here on the island of Mageta for one [one] then proceed to the island of Sikulu for one month. On Each island I hope to plant a Bible believing church and then train leaders. I will be coming to frequently to encourage them and see how they are growing.
Please continue praying for more Swahili Bibles and new believer’s books for the new converts. These two materials are very much needed for they will help them to be well grounded in the word so that they would not fall prey to the marauding ‘wolves’.
Remember as you pray we are also praying for you from here too.
May God bless you more abundantly.
Thank you

Yours In God’s Service

Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma
-Fishing the lost and feeding the found.