cropped-fotolia_76949721_xs.jpgA while back I asked you to pray for Pastor Davis Juma’s little boy in Kenya. (Read here.) I received this report yesterday from Pastor Juma:  “I would like to tell you that my son is now at home and healing. Thank you so much.” Praise the Lord!

He went on to share some other needs. Please join me in praying for these needs.

My eyes are now focused on the harvest of souls on the two islands of :ake Victoria-Mageta and Sikulu. The inhabitants of these islands need to hear the word as God loves them too. I am told that life there can only be compared to that of the biblical Corinth. ”Corinthianizing”, alcohol and drug trafficking and are ‘legal’.
It is not an easy thing to describe places like Mageta and Sikulu Islands in words when it comes to moral and faith matters . God loves them and wants them to be saved.
Shall we go together and get those prisoners? God is sending us to them. The most important arsenal needed here are:
  • Prayer.
  • Faithful and bold evangelists.
  • Bibles in Swahili and native languages.
  • Transportation and accommodations.

Please consider what you can do to help the gospel reach these people. If you can pray, pray. If you can help with Bibles, please do. If you can help with transport and accommodation, please help. 

And above every thing, pray that God will will open the doors into the hearts of the people and that He gives us boldness so that we proclaim the word without fear.

Yours In God’s Service
Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma
-Fishing the lost and feeding the found.