2018-3-12_2Recently Jemima David contacted me on LinkedIn to ask for prayer and support for her father’s ministry: The Church of India in Tamil Nadu. Please join me in praying for them. She said, “We need your prayers and support to construct a church in Tiruvallur village.” They currently need to complete the church floor and do painting work. I asked for more information about the ministry and other specific prayer requests, and she sent me the following:

We are doing church ministry, outreach by spreading gospel through booklets and Bible. We are also doing social work such as providing help for the less privileged children and widows and old aged people.

Thank you very much for your effort to display on your blog. If you or anyone wants to pray . . . , kindly do so as per the Lord leads you. We also encourage and welcome if anyone wants to come in person or willing to serve the Lord through special meeting in our church premises.