Pray for These Widows in Uganda

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Jacob Olowo

A few days ago I asked for prayer for Jacob Olowo and his ministry in Uganda. You can read that post here. He has followed up asking for specific prayer for a group of widows in his community who are under his guidance and support. Here are their prayer requests:

1. To be funded to expand and involve in money making projects
2. To get shelter for themselves since majority live poor conditioned houses
3. To build up their meeting and office premises where they can easily conduct their project activities
4. To educate or pay tuition fees to their Orphan children, Grand children and other siblings under their care for future support in their homes
5. To continue united as one in their project groups
6. To show an example to other Widows in different communities.
7. To Pray for their late husbands rest in Eternal peace

Widows Saving Group

“Honor widows who are truly widows.”
1 Timothy 5:3 ESV


One thought on “Pray for These Widows in Uganda

  1. erica4christ says:

    Dear God, Thank you for Jacob Olowo and his efforts to ask for intercessory prayer for the widows in his community. God, just like Elijah, the prophet helped the widow and in result, she had more than enough it is my prayer that you provide to the widows of Jacob’s community that they may live in your abundance, that many who have financial resources be a point of access for them. It is my prayer that you strengthen them and show them who You are and what You can do for them. Thank you, Father for opening the doors that no man can shut. We call into existence Your provision, You are Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider so God do what You do best. You said that You are our Shepherd and we shall not be in want, prove now God. Make ways where none seem to existence. This prayer is signed, sealed and delivered, through Your Son, Jesus The Christ, Amen. Please tune in and link to Daily Walking Towards Christ, I know God will enlighten you and empower you as you walk towards Him and place Your trust in Him. Be blessed.


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