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Jacob Olowo

A few days ago I asked for prayer for Jacob Olowo and his ministry in Uganda. You can read that post here. He has followed up asking for specific prayer for a group of widows in his community who are under his guidance and support. Here are their prayer requests:

1. To be funded to expand and involve in money making projects
2. To get shelter for themselves since majority live poor conditioned houses
3. To build up their meeting and office premises where they can easily conduct their project activities
4. To educate or pay tuition fees to their Orphan children, Grand children and other siblings under their care for future support in their homes
5. To continue united as one in their project groups
6. To show an example to other Widows in different communities.
7. To Pray for their late husbands rest in Eternal peace

Widows Saving Group

“Honor widows who are truly widows.”
1 Timothy 5:3 ESV