Please join me in praying for Gospel Mission for India. Rev. Isaac Dhas, president of Gospel Mission for India contacted me recently. This post about Rev. Dhas nd his ministry is rather lengthy, but I hope you will take the time to read it. You will be glad you did.

Raised in the Hindu religion, Rev. Dhas shared this powerful testimony of his life being transformed by Jesus Christ:

I was born in Kanyakumari. Which is at the southern part of India. I belong to an orthodoxy Hindu family my parents named me Rammar (Hindu god’s name). I was brought up by my grandfather and Grandmother from the age of 5. So i never experienced the love of my parents. My grandfather is an Hindu priest. He would take me to many Hindu temples.

Thus i don’t know anything about Jesus Christ, that he is the only living god. I was brought up with the tradition of the Hindu religion. There were no one to show love and care on me, it felt all alone and i hated myself, i decided to attend suicide. At that time some voice inside my heart told me to go to a place called kovalam. At once without thinking anything i went there. I saw many foreigners taking bath at the beach. I sat there and cried a lot, thinking of my life. One of the foreigner saw me crying and came to me and asked why was i crying? He introduced himself as Jim Mcdonal, that
he is a group leader of the YWAM.

He took me with him to a restaurant and bought me food. He saw my dress which was
torn and he bought me new dress.His love and care touched my heart. The next day he came to my village. He told about Jesus Christ,and that was the first time i heard about Jesus Christ.

After few days i met one of my uncle, who was converted into an Christian from the Hindu religion. He encouraged me to come along with him to the meeting to near
church. I began to know more about Jesus Christ through him. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and my life was completely changed.

I have changed my name to ISACC. I went to Pune to do the DTS training (6 months) collage with the help of the YWAM’s group leader Jim Mcdonal. In 1989 I came back to my village after finishing DTS training. There was a church across my village the people of the church invited me to share the word of God.

There i met my wife Mallika.We both loved each other and got married at 1990. Then I did gospel work at many Christian organization. I worked as a missionary in salvation army church, Gospel outreach mission, Tribaloutreach mission and, Indian bible
translators. I finished my bachelor in theology (3 years) Bible training at new life theological collage and seminary in the year of 1995.

I got a vision from God, and began to do an individual mission named The Gospel Mission for India (Missionary organization). I travelled and took care of the gospel to all around the parts of India. And doing God’s ministry and sharing the love of God where the gospel unreached yet.God has provided me with 4 beauty full daughters. I
am still doing my gods ministry with my friends support and my prayer. I am thanking God for everything.

At present about 40 village missionaries are doing gospel work with me at many remote villages in India where the Gospel still unreached. May God bless you. Brother, we need your prayer and support for Indian village ministries. May the blessings of the Lord be with you all. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Here he describes some of the current mission work:

I am doing gospel ministry through our missionaries in remote villages in Orissa, West
Bengal, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and north India where the gospel is still not yet reached. Present 40 missionaries and twenty blind missionaries are working with our GMFI in sixty different places in India at very remote jungle villages and doing church planting ministry and making water well project and medical camp and supporting poor children with school uniform and books notes and supporting small monthly support for widows and free medical hospital. . . . We are also running children’s home for street , parent-less and disabled kids. Present at Orissa, Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu 100 disabled children’s are taken care of us through our Shiloh children’s home orphanage center. We have adopted one hundred orphan, street and disabled kids and giving them free food, shelter, education, Medical, etc. We are going to start blind, dumb and deaf children center. Please pray for us.


He describes the ministry goals this way:

  • To promote biblical spirituality in the lives of students so that they will develop Christ like character.

  • To Refresh the missionary and encourage them into spiritual way.

  • To impact sound biblical and theological knowledge in order to carry out the ministry of our Lord effectively.

  • In India, most of the churches, worship is being conducted in thatched roof. There is no proper building to do worship. GMFI helps finance to build new church & helps them to worship in a new building.

  • Free distribution of tracts. Bible and spiritual books, kids study books, drums, songs books and all music instruments for worship.

  • GMSI sponsoring monthly support of Rs.2000 $30 for every missionary who work in the missionary fields.

  • Discipleship and leadership training centers.

  • Church planting in north India.

  • Relief work.

  • Taking care of orphan kids and giving free food and education and given them good life.

  • Leader conference will be held once in a year (We will invite special quest in global who is willing to attend)

What a powerful testimony of how God can use one transformed, dedicated life!

Please pray for the ministry and for these specific requests:

The most important and crucial way in which you can help us is by praying for us regularly and fervently.

1. Pray that the lord of the harvest would raise laborers who have compassion for the lost.
2. Pray for the protection of our brothers and sisters who are labor for him in difficult places. Hindu militancy is on the rise and many of our brothers and sisters have been threatened a few beaten.
3. Pray that the Lord would provide funds for the various ministries.