Please join me in praying for Pearl Church of Christ Ministries in Andhra Pradesh, India. David v prasada Rao Jalli describes the ministry this way:

Teaching and preaching the Gospel of Christ to the Lost souls and helping the distressed in their need is my vision for which I am striving hard.The Church is not only an in-let for blessings, but it is also an out-let for service.

I know we are in the last days because the Devil stops on my trail every last day, He never lets up.

Specialties: preaching, friendship

Dearly beloved in Christ Jesus,
I thank God for you and your prayers and well wishes for this
ministry. I would like to present you the objects of this ministry
once gain.
1, The advancement of Christianity
2, The advancement of Education
3, The relief of poverty and
4, For charitable purposes.

Pearl Church of Christ ministries is a Christian based organization
with similar objects working in East godavari district, Andhra
Pradesh, India.

Thank you once again, Affection never was wasted. 2 cor 12;15,
We need your prayers, your concern and help in any way you can unto
the Glory of His wonderful name and the welfare of the poor people
around us.