Please join me in praying for Evg. Baik and this ministry in India. Pray for those being persecuted. Pray for them to be able to accomplish all God is calling them to do.

From Evg. Baik:

I greet you in the very precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from Tribal Salvation Society, Odisha, India. 

That, Myself evangelist Bikram Naik called out for the Lord’s Ministry on the 3rd January 2003 on wards I am doing the ministry of  evangelism and some social service among the tribal and rural people with my co-workers-pastors and evangelists so called Salvation workers in remote villages in  Odisha.

It is a great joy to inform you about my ministry Tribal Salvation Society (T.S.S) T – Teach the unknown, S – Saving the lost & S – Shepherd the careless. Tribal Salvation Society is a non profit making Christian based tribal voluntary organization formed with eleven executive board members. It is a registered Christian Association under society registration Act. XXI of 1860 and  Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976 and Income Tax Registration Act 1961 in India. The main goal of the ministry is to give the gospel to the un-reached people and win them for Christ Jesus.

Tribal Salvation Society stands for making people transformed  in socio-economic cultural and individual spiritual status of neglected, needy and backward communities especially of different tribes. The working field is one of the most backward areas having no road connections, electrification, school, medical, drinking water facilities at most of the tribal villages. There are many people without the saving knowledge of Christ. They worship nature – trees, stones, mountains, stars, moon, sun and many other idols and photos and then sacrifice animals and birds to release from the bondage of sin.

Where as it is a also persecuted area in Odisha. Many Christian’s houses were burned down, Churches and Orphanages were Vandalized,  innocent girls and women were brutally raped and assaulted. More than, 100 Christians were mercilessly killed. In the persecution of 2008 I lost one of my co-workers named Dusasan Majhi some far relatives. We ran to jungle for life and God protected us. I thank the Lord for His grace.

By the  grace of God, We are doing  Evangelism, Church Planting, Children’s Ministry and Women (Widow) Ministry, Youth Ministry prayer fellowship and counseling centres with social activities. We do need the WORDS of encouragement for our depressed believers those who lost their love ones and properties in the time of persecution and whose people are in Jail since 2008. Many of the persecuted Christians till today are lack of Food and Cloth. Many of Orphans, Semi-Orphans, Widows, Poor & Tribal People suffer like anything because of persecution. 

I have a great vision to win thousands of souls for Christ through my gospel preaching and activities to those who do not know the love of Christ. Therefore I need your earnest prayer and support with love for God’s ministry through our organization Tribal Salvation Society. . . . There are 20 pastors and evangelists who are doing the Lord’s ministry with us who are placed at very remote villages in jungle area where they have small churches and fellowships. For them we need some little support for their survival so then they may work effectively and full time.

We have a Salvation Children’s Home and taking care of 30 orphans and very poor and vulnerable children just to transform and build their Christ centered life, we are running from this  great work of God from little local contributions and struggling to continue.

. . . May God ring your heart and guide you to pray [for] . . . us in our effort for the glory of the Lord.

I am waiting for your kind prayer with love. 


Yours’ sincere in Christ Jesus

Evg. Bikram Naik

Founder /Director