cropped-fotolia_76949721_xs.jpgPlease join Elsy Matthew in praying for India. She told me on LinkedIn, “I am asking connections in India for changing the spiritual climate and doing the ploughing work for sowing seed.”

Elsy’s prayer:

Our heavenly Father Yehovah, our Saviour and Lord Yeshua, Holy Spirit, I come into your presence with Your son George Kuruvilla, We stand washed by the Blood our Jesus Christ, wearing the robe of righteousness. Let India be soaked in the Blood of Jesus, from 3 layers of atmosphere to 3 layers of earth beneath the surface. Father, issue Your decree that the principalities, powers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places, be dethroned, be bound and be sent to the pit of hell. Let Your Angel armies be released into the 3 regions of our country to demolish & destroy demonic structures & ley lines of satanic communication. Let the demons that control people, places, temples, roads and buildings be bound in the name of Jesus Christ. Let evil in seats of government, institutions, business and markets be exposed and judged in the name of Jesus Christ. Let evil laws, rules & regulations which defeat Your kingdom plans and purposes for the people in India, be vetoed, repealed and nullified, in the name of Jesus Christ! Let Your Angel kings be enthroned. Let persons of Your own heart be elected and positioned in places of authority.

May Your kingdom come, may Your Holy will be done in India, in Kerala, in Karnataka, in Bangalore and every state in India today & every day, in the name of Jesus Christ! Father, let every weapon formed against the labourers in Your vineyard be defeated & destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Father, let the blind eyes of people in India be opened.