Please join me praying for Jean Alex in Haiti. I recently received these requests:

First, he requests prayer for his son’s ministry:


Then he requests prayer for these children:

[We are] helping poor and orphans kids, with Primary Education and secondary. The total 350 children they will be into difference school and difference Classes also. We do this is because we been hit by a Hurricane category 5 which destroyed everything on it way last October 2016.  [Please pray for funds] to help about 300 Children Orphans and poor here in South Haiti place which been destroyed Hurricane Mathew last October 2016. We would like to help them in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray to find supporters will agree to work side by with me to bring help for the school will reopen in September 2017 2018. Jesus died in place what we can do to pay back for the grace. We don’t help these kids they will not go to school this year.

P.O. BOX 22176