2017-6-12_3Please join me in praying for Pastor Babu and his church. I recently shared Pastor Babu’s powerful testimony. (Read here.) Today he sent a wonderful report about their ministry, along with some pictures and prayer requests.
Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.
We have been conducting Bible training classes since some years every two days in a month regularly. Twenty(20) pastors are working under my care. They all come from different places in our state, especially West Godavari and East Godavari Districts. Those who are not having sources to maintain their poor families. I visit frequently their churches and houses. During the bible classes we are providing food, shelter, tea and Tiffin travelling etc. Therefore we are presenting Gospel of Jesus Christ every five days in every week to far and surrounding villages and tribal and slums  reaching unreached areas along with our gospel team. In this connection we need all your prayers and supports to this ministry.
Prayer Request:
We need all your continuous prayers to our ministry. We have lot of visions to work through this mission like feeding and clothing for orphan children. Care for widows. Feeding and medical care for Leprosy. providing accommodation and education for blind students etc.
Other  Prayer Requests:
1.       Need vehicle for ministry purpose.
2.       Need bicycles to our pastors.
3.       Help for Leprosy , Blind people and Orphan children and widows.
4.       Bible training school.
5.       Site for ministry office building.
Please pray for us and our ministry. We are praying for you all in the name of Jesus Christ.
Thanking you
Yours brother in Christ
Pastor P.Vijaya Babu
Andhra Pradesh., India.
Email: pad_vb04@yahoo.com