I just received this message from a brother in Andhra Pradesh, India . . . Pastor P. Vijaya Babu. Please take a moment to read his inspiring testimony and ministry reports and then join me in praying for him and his prayer requests listed below. Enjoy the pictures he sent as well!
Dear beloved Brother in Christ,
Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ and soon coming King. Though we are far away with each for thousands of miles between our nations the blood and love of Jesus Christ made us one in Him. I feel a great joy and privilege to meet you through this letter and I would like to introducing my self as pastor P. Vijaya Babu from India.
Please allow me a few words to share my witness with you. Once upon a time I was a great sinner. I hated Christ and Christianity and I persecuted many Christian people and I was worshiping idols false Gods and faith ( Ps. 115:48) but I have no peace and joy in my life and family. After some days I fell ill and sick and admitted in the Hospital – but never cured by the doctors. At the last day a pastor came near my bed and preached the word of God and prayed for me. I listened the word of God very carefully.
In that night I feel some one has touched my body and I got relief immediately from all my sickness and cured. Praise the Lord. I recognized that there is great power in Jesus name. Now I bought the Holy Bible read and read with much interest . I got peace and joy full of my heart and I repented from all my notorious sinful life and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I received baptism according to ( Acts 2:38, Acts 2: 42, Acts 2:4)
Now I am working for Christ among Hindus, Muslims, and other communities proclaiming the Gospel of the Christ in different places in interior remote and unreached rural areas win souls for Christ. Moreover there are poor widows, poor Bible Teachers, poor orphan children, and some poor pastors are working under my care. These people are suffering short of food and clothes and other needs. I am distributing Gospel Literature to the people and mobilizing them into Jesus Christ.Please we need your loving prayers , encouragement, cooperation and we need your blessed fellowship in God and we work together For Christ win perusing souls in India. I request you please even your small help can strengthens us to more develop our ministry in India.
. . . Please pray for us and our ministry. We are all keep you in our hearts and prayers. I will send you some more pictures in my next letter. I will wait for your soon reply. I request you please try to send your answer by Registered mail/email. Ordinary letters missing in the mail. God Bless You.
Thanking you ,
Yours in Lords Servant,
Pastor P.Vijaya Babu,
Dommeru-534 350,
West Godavari Dt,
Andhra Pradesh-India.
We need all your prayers for our ministry in India. We thank you so much for your love and prayers for our ministry. These are our prayer requests:
  1. To spread rapidly the gospel of Christ in India
  2. Each and every soul must accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. For repentance.
  3. To drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness of our people.
  4. Freedom for Christians
  5. Our ministry developments.