Please join me in praying for Dr. Monirul Nanok and the Life Chapel for Bangladesh. I hope you will visit their website to learn more about their ministry. Dr. Nanok shared his powerful testimony. Praise God for this powerful transformation!

Dr. Nanok’s Testimony

I was born in a Muslim family and received the gospel in 1984 and was SAVED in 1990. It takes 6 years to understand who is Christ. I had a very common faith all the Muslims will go to heaven and Muhammad is a last prophet of God . But after I received the gospel, many questions came to my mind, and I was searching for the truth different between Jesus and Muhammad . When I saw that Jesus said, “I am the Alpha and Omega” and other words that said “Without me no one could enter into heaven”, I was confused in many ways about the religion and faith . I started searching for the truth and found real face of Islam . After reading the whole bible and Islamic history books including Quran and hadiths, truths came to me . What I have found is, there is no Allah in the bible and the Living Creator never called Muhammad for his purpose to be a prophet, and Abraham never built the Kaba in Mecca . Islam is a pagan religion from the beginning and they worshiped different type of idols including moon god . The life of Muhammad was very filthy and dark , he is not qualified to be a prophet at all. On the other hand, Allah is not our creator, he is antichrist, he always talks about killing and not giving us assurance of our salvation . In 1990, Jesus stopped me to search the truth and told me that I have chosen you for my kingdom . At that time I had to repent and submit myself to him as a sinner. I went to a local Church who knows me well and they gave me shelter, having to come out from the family. From that point, I attended Bible College for higher education, all the while I was persecuted from the family, friends and relatives . By the grace of God I completed my Bachelor of Theology and started serving for Him . The loving God used me many ways in different nations for the gospel. I have served in USA, Australia , Africa and Europe as a missionary. By the grace of God I received the honorable Doctorate of Divinity and done my PhD on Theology. My life was blessed many ways, and now I would like to bless my nation Bangladesh too with His gospel.

Please pray for these needs:

  • We need some funds for the traveling and going from village to village and to the cities  for outreach .
  • We also need help for the portable Bible training and gospel seminars.
  • We need to print some special gospel tracts to reach out the Muslims