map_tamilnaduPlease join me in praying for Pastor Regi Kunjachan and Faith Builders Fellowship Church in Tamil Nadu, India.  We connected on LinkedIn recently and I asked him to share about his ministry so we could be praying for them. Here is his response (I did just a little editing.):

I am very glad to introduce our ministry Faith Builders Fellowship,Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is known as the Lord of temples, where life revolves around religious practices Hindu represent 88 percent of the population and the caste system is strictly observed. In 2002 Tamil Nadu enacted anti conversion law that made changing one’s religion illegal, aimed at preventing the Dalit (the so-called untouchables) from leaving Hinduism. The law illustrates the powerful hold of [the caste system] on Tamil society. 87 percent speak Tamil. one of oldest languages in India. The first Christian missionary to  Tamil Nadu was the apostle Thomas, who was martyred near the modern city of Chennai (formerly Madras) in AD 72.

[Our] ministry started 10 years ago, serving among the village and slum. It is basically a missionary movement, designed to reach out to the most unreached villages of India. Once a church is established in a village where our missionary would be working for two to three years, he will be lifted to any interested Church establishment. This is our basic approach.

There is much more to share with you regarding our vision. Currently we need several missionaries for various villages  and financial support for this gospel work. We started our work in India several years ago. We are planning to expand the kingdom of God activities in an effective manner [and need partners to help]. Urgently we need your prayer for this purpose. Email: Yours in His service,Pastor Regi KUNJACHAN