Katende John Paul

On February 23 I sent this message:

Please join me in praying for safe delivery for the baby of Katende John Paul in Uganda. The baby is due soon and he is requesting prayer.

Katende John Paul is founder and pastor of Trinity Power Church and Trinity Child Care. In his words, here are more details about the ministry and prayer needs:

Am a pastor of a community disciplemaking church of about 40 to 45 members, In Uganda Africa. In my disciple making course, I was trained to use the 4 phases of Jesus’ training. Here are they…. Come and see, follow me, be with me and abide in me. Am strategically started to put up some of the structures, and outreaches to make a high growth rate, but I’ve found I need partnership to help support my vision and gifts. So pray for me God will give me good partners, starting with you. We have no partners yet, but we believe God for one next year. Because what I think is, if GOD brings us good partners, all other things like our Church land expansion, sound machines, church income projects like farming my , our children’s quality education add etc… I don’t know whether am thinking good, but I think so. God bless

This week I heard from the proud father of a baby boy, safely born about a month ago! His words: “Sooo…..happy thank you so much for the prayers hallelujah.”

Praise God! Please continue praying for this precious baby boy and his family.