Sinai Prayer Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh, India

Please join me in praying for Nolloyd Soans, senior pastor at Sinai Prayer Fellowship in Andhra Pradesh, India. Read a little about his ministry below (taken from his messages to me).

Our Ministry in short : My calling is very different. Lord has given me authority to cast out demons and to heal the sick. We r emphasizing more on cleansing ones self as per the word of God.(Gal.5:19-21). We are conducting deliverance meetings here every Saturday and people r getting healed. We r working in a nearby village also where an AIDS patient who was bed ridden, stopped eating food for many days and was about to die, Lord healed her and now she is going for farming works, seeing her some people from that village believed. These are people who worshipped the Hindu Gods. We r interested to save as many souls as possible. Here outreach is being done.

Sister, please pray for our ministry as we r working amongst the non-Christians where the Hindus are against us. . . . People don’t even give their houses for rent to Christians. We r also asked to vacate our house for the reason that we r praying. We are in the lookout for another Hall-cum-house for rent.



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