2017-1-13_outside-view-of-church-1Please join me in praying for Zion Ministries in Tamil Nadu, India. It is a Christian organization with a three-fold heart and vision: to reach rural villages in Tamil Nadu with the gospel of Jesus Christ; to share the love of Jesus by ministering to practical needs; and to encourage independent rural village pastors.

Zion Ministries was formally founded by Pastor N. George in 1998 as he followed a specific vision God had given him. He responded to God’s call in faith. In fact, faith was the only capital used in setting up this new ministry. Visit their website to learn a little about what God is doing as Pastor George, Associate Pastor G. Solomon Raja, and their wives remain faithful to God’s call.

Prayer Requests:

  • We need microphones, speakers, musical keyboards, music mixer, projector, and a computer. We try to give the best the worshiping God. During oppression our believers stand for Jesus and still they are coming to church even though they are outcast.
  • We need a four-wheeler for bringing people and for ministry purposes.
  • We need a house nearby our church. We usually stay in church but we need a house to take care about the church.
  • Fencing is a must around the church.
  • Pray for Tamil Nadu state
  • Pray for church ministries in rural areas
  • Pray for protection and guidance for God’s ministers.


  • Praise God for His support.
  • Praise God for His leading in Zion Ministries
  • Our Zion Ministries was started on July 7, 1996, and registered in 2009 as Public Religious Trust w/s 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961, effective from January 4, 2016.
  • We moved from city to village in February 2013 due to opposition in our area. First we worshiped in a rented hut and later constructed a beautiful church of 1350 square feet. It is all because of God’s marvelous grace upon us. Still we need lots of requirements.